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Available filters

BadWordBlocker checks every message using different types of filters. They are described in detail on this page.

Swear word filter

This filter checks if the message contains any forbidden word defined in the config file.


some swear word! -> blocked

Duplicate filter

The duplicate filter blocks duplicate messages (classic spam) which are sent into the chat multiple times with the same text.


hi -> blocked
hi -> blocked

Speed filter

Another component to prevent spam messages is the speed filter, which introduces a time limit for sending messages and prevents sending lots of spam messages in a short time.


my -> blocked (if sent immediately after the first one)
server -> blocked (if sent immediately after the first one)

Caps lock filter

The caps lock filter blocks messages which consist mostly of uppercase letters.


HELLO I AM HERE!!!1! -> blocked

Web address filter

The web address filter blocks web addresses like IP addresses, websites or domain names, or e-mail addresses from being sent into the chat.


join my server on! -> blocked
go to -> blocked
my friend's email address is -> blocked